Nearly 60 years after our establishment, Napco companies have diversified to manufacture a wide array of products for diverse markets around the globe. Today, they are structured around three strategic business units:

     • Consumer Products Division
     • Flexible Packaging Division
     • Paper Containers Division

NapcoConsumer Products Division comprises 3 companies situated in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah. These companies serve markets in the GCC, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Napco’s consumer products are widely used across Saudi Arabia and the countries of the GCC. We also manufacture Away-From-Home (AFH) products for companies, educational institutions, hospitals and clinics, hotels and restaurants as well as shopping centers and malls. With a highly competitive advantage and a perpetual product innovation strategy, the division serves its clientele through 5 major lines:

      1. Baby & Adult Care
      2. Family Care
      3. Feminine Care
      4. Household Products
      5. Away From Home

Napco Consumer Products’ long history of customer-centric R&D enables us to invest in the latest technologies in order to deliver high quality products at very affordable prices. Brand builders within the Consumer Products Division use Brand Foundational Tools to extend our lines and transform latest trends and knowhow into consumer-preferred care and useful leading brands.

The brands used by Napco are licensed by INDEVCO.

Becoming an Employer of Choice Requires Positive Change

In today’s knowledge-based economy, a company’s ability to recruit, optimize, and retain high performance talent is becoming increasingly vital to achieving business goals, creating competitive edge, and ensuring future success. Organizations of all sizes are placing considerable effort into shifting their model in such a way that promotes sustainability and meets the expectations of the talent they need and want. By creating a work environment that is supportive, trusting and fair, companies can set themselves apart from the rest and stand out as an “employer of choice”.

How Can Employee Engagement and Corporate Citizenship Attract High Performance Talent?

In an online global survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 82% of senior executives considered talent a key asset to their organizations. The surveyed leaders agreed that when highly engaged, employees had a direct impact on customer satisfaction and bottom line. Respondents also stated that the new generation of employees is attracted to organizations that place high value on shared values, corporate citizenship and commitment to the community.

The bottom line is that engaged employees find their job to be motivating and personally fulfilling, and therefore tend to be more productive on the job than disengaged employees. “As younger people are coming into the workforce, they’re asking for different things and looking at the world through a different lens. They’re asking: ̔what am I doing today that is meaningful and important? ̓” said panel mem-ber Tammy Erickson, an expert in workplace and organizational behavior.

The Importance of Trust and Empowerment

Results yielded by the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey concluded that for a company to become an employer of choice, it must focus on issues of transparency and trust as well as on the empowerment of employees. The new workforce is no longer seeking a traditional organizational model that focuses on financial incentives; nowadays, young educated workers are striving for an additional form of compensation that enables them to achieve personal growth. In other words, the young generations are telling companies that there is no better way to become an employer of choice than to become social value creators, allow meaningful work, and offer opportunities for flexibility, transparency and autonomy.

But what will it take to build that empowerment? What could this new vision of social value goals be?

This is where organizations and employees must work together, panelists in New York agreed, in order to develop solutions that answer the financial goals and ensure a sustainable future. According to panelist and future influencer, Aditi Shekar, companies that embrace social values and demonstrate commitment to the community can attract and motivate employees to deliver their best. The magic occurs when workers find the socially oriented compa¬nies that match their own desires to change the world.

Changes Needed for an Organization to Become a Social Value Creator

Lever #1: Reorienting the Business Strategy

• Identifying a long-term social purpose that will redefine what the company wants to achieve.
• Embedding this social value into the core business strategy to promote the culture.
• Building a community of stakeholders around the social mission. Customers become part of the community and its culture, engendering trust and building brand equity.

“When you start to see your company differently, you start to imagine the future of your company differ¬ently and start thinking beyond your immediate current customer.” Aditi Shekar – A Future Influencer

Lever #2: Product Development

A social value business leads to a product change and opens new markets.

• Solve problems not products: Social value creation involves finding solutions to prob¬lems of both customers and stakeholder communities. “Solutions development” becomes the focus of product development. Innovation becomes everyone’s job.
• Co-create with customers: Co-create offerings with customers throughout product life cycles.
• Partner with social organizations: This helps companies enter new markets suc¬cessfully or better serve existing ones.

“You don’t just push products out of the door; you have to listen to what the community needs, you have to react, you have to adapt and you have to be constantly evolving.” Loftus

Lever #3: Best Practices in Talent Management

• Connect work to the social mission: Everyone wants to feel that the work they do every day matters.
• Rethink hiring practices: Focus on hiring adaptable individuals who are experienced problem solv¬ers. Seek people who share the company’s values and mission.
• Restructure the workplace: Organize the company in ways that attract motivated, passionate employ¬ees.

Knowing that attracting and retaining loyal workforce will enable its management to focus on cost-effective growth, Napco Consumer Products Division has embarked on its own journey of becoming an employer of choice.

The Human Resources Department within the division works on a daily basis to train and develop its employees, celebrate their actions and outcomes, offer those opportunities for professional and personal growth and last but not least, engage them in the welfare of the communities in which the group operates.