Issue No.3 - November 2016         

We Listen Because You Are Valuable

As we move from Independence to Interdependence, we at Napco Consumer Products Division consider that the human factor is a vital key to our corporate success. Our founder once said: “People guarantee the future of a company and its perpetuity”. He strongly believed that people create the competitive edge and are a company’s most valuable asset. Inspired by this founding philosophy, the Human Resources Department relentlessly invests in support mechanisms and engagement structures that allow our people to work closer together in a unified way, and most importantly, with a caring family spirit.

Whether you work in KSA or the rest of the Arab Peninsula, you have to remember that you are far from being numbers; you are integral members of our big family! Unlike other competitors where unilateral decision-making still presides, we at Napco CPD have chosen to invest in training and developing people on advanced behavioral and technical competencies that shall pave the way to professional and business growths alike. It is thus, my duty as servant leader to get closer to you, involve you more in selected management initiative and nurture a work environment that keeps you motivated. We all work towards the same goals and are driven by the same values. It is time to take this further by bridging distances and building a sturdier foundation that secures sound and candid communication channels yielding to greater outcomes.

Because you are a major contributor to our success, it is with great pleasure that the Consumer Products Division team places at your disposal today a new mobile HR application designed to engage you further in our new culture, preach our company’s best practices and avail open and confidential communication channels with your HR representatives.

I encourage every one of you to make use of this application to the fullest! I want you to know that the HR team and I will acknowledge every message and that we’ll be honored to respond to the best of our capabilities. Stay tuned to your company’s initiatives, rejoice at your colleagues’ success stories and let your voice be heard.

Sincerely Yours,
Bahjat Georges Frem
Executive Vice President