A New Initiative for Key Accounts Management in the Eastern Province

Napco Sales Team Embraces a New Initiative for Key Accounts Management in the Eastern Province

Winter 2016

In the wake of change in Napco Consumer Products Division’s culture, new measures and practices are being introduced to pave the way for a positive transition.

Our Eastern Province Sales department has undergone a restructure to better serve our customers and provide growth for the business and for our People. Moreover, mini-workshops were conducted to embed a new “Firm & Fair” mindset that is based on merit, hard work, Napco values, and celebrating success.

Another positive change was embodied in a closer management of Al-Dawaa group of pharmacies key account: The proximity of this major client’s headquarters (located in Khobar), coupled with the size of the opportunity, has prompted the EP Team to manage the account more closely in order to reinforce trust and propel a better working relationship. The smart step has produced measurable business benefits and resulted so far in a growth of 33% in all categories.

Many opportunities still await Napco with Al-Dawaa and other key accounts; and the division’s team is ready and committed to rise to the challenge.

A Slight Change in National Paper Company Ltd.’s Jeddah Sales Strategy Reaps Great Outcomes

Winter 2016

Productivity and efficiency are never a coincidence; they are always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

After extensive deliberations, Napco Sales Management has decided to slightly alter its Jeddah retail sales strategy and embark on a two-week call cycle. As a result, sales representatives moved from weekly to biweekly customer visits, doubling the numbers and taking the company’s profits to the next level. The network’s outstanding productivity has even led to a team size reduction.

However, when dealing with large customers who had higher order frequencies and showed greater need for shelf maintenance, the department proceeded with its weekly visits with the aim of preserving best quality of service.

In fact, thanks to the close follow-up and perseverance of each the team’s members, products’ Net Selling Prices (NSPs) went higher and trade loaders went lower.

Needless to say, that if it weren’t for the synergetic implementation of the changes, National Paper Company Ltd. (NPCL) wouldn’t have attained a growth rate of 9% in the retail sector in the year 2015.

As for our 2016 plans, the department will work on recruiting 3 fresh salesmen to optimally achieve coverage and expand our customer base across Southern Jeddah.

Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.