Issue No.5 - December 2017         

Napco Consumer Products recently launched the Human Resources (HR) initiative ‘Building a Winning Team Culture’ to ensure that capacity building remains a high priority and people’s skills are nurtured.

Since October 2017, the initiative, ‘Building a Winning Team Culture’ has been encouraging managers to attend training programs in which the material tackles behavioral and technical competencies assigned and approved by a designated panel of functional leaders. Each program’s framework has been customized to the expertise of individual managers. The newly qualified Subject-Matter Experts, as they are called, will then go on to train employees to produce on-the-spot solutions to potential challenges.

After undertaking integrated courses on Sales Solutions in October, a total of 16 managers from the ‘Capabilities Development Department’ graduated as Subject-Matter Experts on Napco National’s Sales Excellence model. Four of the experts were designated as ‘Classroom Trainers,’ and the remaining as ‘Field Trainers.’

The HR Department’s 2018 plan is for each Classroom Trainer to deliver at least three, two-day workshops on ‘Selling Skills for Excellence,’ ultimately training the entire KSA sales team by the end of the second quarter.

January 2018 will also see the initiative aim to qualify a set of Subject-Matter Experts from the Manufacturing & Logistics Department. On completion of this program and the one undertaken in October, two of Napco National’s largest departments, making up the bulk of the company’s human capital, would have been trained by the initiative. Further specialized programs will be implemented for the Departments of Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, and Health & Safety.

Developing capacity skills moves Napco National one step closer to realizing its goal of becoming a true ‘Learning Organization’ with clearly defined paths for learning and a better future for the company and, more importantly, its people.


Making smart choices means Napco National’s tissue and paper products are going from strength to strength. Bassem Bteich, Divisional R&D and Technical Manager at Napco National and Operations Manager at Napco Riyadh Paper Products and George Said, Division Brand Manager at Napco Consumer Products Company, tell us more.

Tell us about the tissue converting technologies you are currently implementing.

In 2014, we imported from Italy a fully automated machine that is equipped with ‘MR Floral,’ a new embossing pattern that provides an ‘eye-catching, quilt and softness effect’ and a micro-embossing pattern to help improve roll bulkiness.

What are the machine’s advantages?

Our product tonnage, through a fully automated line, has increased. The automation impact is now 50 tons/labor whereas it used to be 18 tons/labor using conventional machines.

How do you coordinate with the Marketing Department?

This is done on a continuous basis through the Research and Development Department, to ensure that the required machinery, manufacturing standards and conduct processes are in line with the marketing strategy, new product features and the latest world trends.

Tell us more about the new spray system you have introduced to your mills.

The finest micro-droplets are consistently sprayed onto the web by kinetic energy, which helps to produce greater product quality.

How do the group’s manufacturing technologies help the division meet consumer needs?

When a brand offers value- added services, it is more likely to cultivate strong customer loyalty and a strong edge over the competition. To this end, we opted for a new, fully automated machine from PCMC/Italy, for use in the production of our Sanita® Club Maxi Roll Multipurpose Towels and Sanita® Gipsy Maxi Roll Kitchen Towels. The machine has upgraded the finishing on the towels, and, therefore, the Marketing Department is now able to offer clients good quality products at a fair price. To date, the machine has increased our production capacity and enabled the division to serve markets in six countries across the region, thus increasing sales and offering expansion prospects.

How do you rise to the challenges within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector without simultaneously increasing product costs?

The system – installed at NPCL in 2016 – allows for cost-efficient product improvement and valuable line extensions, product differentiations, and greater product quality. We have pioneered the use of this international technology in the MENA region and are considering using it to produce a new portfolio of products. By upgrading our facial and paper tissue lines, we will manage to contrast the unique qualities of our brands with other competing products to create a more positive consumer experience.

A decision by shareholders in October 2016 led to the merging of nine Napco companies to form the National Paper Company Ltd. By August 23, 2017, the company had changed its status as a limited liability company to become a closed joint stock company registered under the name of Napco National CJSC. A new corporate identity was created for the newly formed company and applied across all areas of Napco National CJSC and its nine branches.

The merger and change of status align with Saudi Arabia’s 2016 New Companies Law, which aims to diversify the Saudi Arabian economy by introducing new industries and allowing the Saudi private sector to play a larger role in the Kingdom’s economic development.

Napco National was initially established in 1956, a partnership between the late Georges N. Frem and the late Abdul Rahman al Moaibed (industrial license no. 12). Eventually, the partnership was converted to a limited liability company under the name National Paper Company Ltd.

Napco National CJSC branches are:

• Napco Modern Plastic Products Co. (NMPPC)
• National Paper Co. Ltd. (NPCL)
• Corrugated Packaging (Easternpak)
• Napco Riyadh Paper Products Co. (NRPPC)
• Napco Multipak
• United Plastic Products Co. (UPPC)
• Napco Consumer Products Co. (NCPC)
• Napco Packaging Systems Co. Ltd (Uniplast)
• Napco Composite Film Packaging (Compact)

A combined workforce of more than 5,600 employees help the branches to produce paper, plastic, corrugated packaging, consumer disposables and away-from-home products.

The reputable client portfolio of Napco National includes top consumer product retailers, such as Aramco (since 1956), SABIC (since 1982), and many top-ranking multinationals based in the Middle East.