Issue No.7 - 2019         

Engineering the future

Napco National connects with Saudi Arabia’s future talent

The Napco National team participated in this year’s Engineering Day, held by the Faculty of Engineering at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) in Jeddah on the 2-5 February, 2019. With a belief in the importance of further education in nurturing young generations to contribute to their country’s future development, Napco National presented job vacancies and training opportunities in the company, as well as sharing its future vision and introducing a wide range of products and services to students attending the fair.

Engineering Day 2019 offered an opportunity for Napco National to meet the future Saudi talent in the engineering and business sectors. Through its participation, the company aimed to enhance students' employability by sharing valuable insights into the manufacturing industry and the practical requirements for a career within it.

The event included a variety of engineering workshops as well as seminars led by some of the leading figures in the fields of engineering and business in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, many different companies and organisations in the country participated in and sponsored the event. Feedback from KAU students at the fair was positive, with many expressing an interest in future careers that will contribute to a robust national industry and achieving a sustainable environment.

About Napco National
As a leading manufacturing company in KSA, Napco National seeks to bring growth to the kingdom’s economy, sustainable solutions to the environment and quality job opportunities to the citizens. Headquartered in Dammam, Napco National manufactures and supplies consumer products, plastic, paper, and corrugated raw materials and packaging to diverse industries in the GCC region and beyond.

The company’s Consumer Products branches, Napco Consumer Products Co. (Dammam), National Paper Co. Ltd. (Jeddah), and Napco Riyadh Paper Products Co. Ltd. (Riyadh), produce innovative and responsible consumer disposables for retail and away-from-home businesses under license from INDEVCO. Regional brand names include Bambi, Bouquet, Fam, Freshdays, Private, Sanita, Sanita Club and other brands owned by Napco National such as Sufra Matwiya.

The ‘how to’ in building a team culture

Napco Consumer Division instils interdependence through team building

In November 2018, Napco National Consumer Division held a team effectiveness workshop, bringing together the operational team of Napco National Consumer Products Company and the GCC Export Division team as part of its commitment to nurturing a supportive and efficient working environment. During the session, held at the Dubai Autodrome, staff members shared their ideas, personal career goals and needs, as well as evaluating each other’s performance in the workplace. Interdependence and coordination develop when a business builds a sense of community and support within its workforce. Through the workshop, Napco National Consumer Division aimed to foster a culture of delegation and collaboration that is essential to building positive and effective teams.

Following the feedback session, both groups met to compete in a go kart racing competition. An exercise in team building, the activity started with a 15-minute safety initiation, followed by several stages of races around the track. In the final round, the tables were turned on the fastest drivers who were challenged, according to the game’s rules, to start with a disadvantage, at the end of the line-up.

Despite this unexpected twist in the competition, the fastest three drivers managed to quickly regain their leading positions and claim their places on the winner’s podium. Issam Assi, a sales manager at NCPC in Bahrain, took first prize, Roy Varoujan, accounts manager at NCPC, took second place and third place went to Tony Hanna, sales manager of the specialties sector at Napco National Consumer Division. The activity helped to strengthen the bond between team members and highlighted how improvements in team interdependence can increase trust and empathy, and achieve success.

Discover, achieve, grow

Napco National opens new horizons to fresh graduates

Napco National recently participated in the 13th edition of the University of Business and Technology Career Fair in Jeddah with the aim of provide training, education and employment opportunities to new graduates and to help them network with industry professionals and potential employers.

With a diverse array of some of the leading companies and institutions in Saudi Arabia participating, the 2019 edition of the career fair was held from 3-5 March at Laylati Hall in Al Khalidiyyah district, close to Jeddah’s seafront. The event provided an excellent platform for Napco National’s team to share the company’s environmental sustainability goals and achievements and to connect with fresh university graduates to find out about their future aspirations.

As part of the event, Napco National’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands were showcased on a sizeable stand that reflected the company’s successful journey through the years and dedication to improving the quality of life of residents of Saudi Arabia, as well as contributing to the country’s thriving economy.

Face-to-face interviews were conducted with interested graduates during the fair and staff answered a wide range of enquiries that covered everything from the company’s operational areas and serviced industrial sectors to its manufacturing technologies and programme of career progression.

Online renewal

Napco National revamps its website

At the end of 2018, Napco National unveiled its new and improved website. The enhanced website features neater sections and informative text tailored to the needs of online visitors and prospective clients. The update aimed to give the company a more prominent online presence in order to encourage business growth and was part of its commitment to the welfare of Saudi Arabian and Gulf communities.

Strategically developed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with easy functionality, the site focuses not only on aesthetics but on a mobile-friendly design, which allows for clear and simple navigation from any device.

The main sections of the revamped website feature detailed yet concise data to smoothly guide both local and international audiences through the company’s scope of work, mission, operations, sustainability goals and other vital areas. An Arabic language version of the website will soon be launched to expand its reach even further.

About Napco National
This page highlights the company’s background, growth, values, divisions and operations strategies.

The types of products available for each sector are featured in this section utilising an online lead generation strategy.

Plastics Recycling
This page sheds light on the plastic scrap recycling services offered.

Sustainability Initiatives
The latest sustainability initiatives across different companies in the industry are included here.

Latest News
This section shares company-wide news, events and initiatives.

In parallel, with the launch of the website,, the company has launched a series of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, in order to improve internal and external corporate communications, enhance overall brand awareness and achieve better operational efficiency and innovativeness.

Shopper Marketing Activated

Napco National’s Jeddah-based Shopper Marketing Manager Karim Najjar and his team discuss how the company is adapting to a changing market

Consumer brand activations are crucial to building positive brand perception. How has Napco National put them into action?

At the beginning of 2018, the shopper-marketing department was created to form a unit that would handle all of the KSA as opposed to focusing only on provinces, and developing shopper understanding. The consumer has become the focus of the brand team. The department includes trade marketing teams who are experts of their channels in modern and traditional trade. We evolved our approach and now have two sets of activation: brand activation and shopper activation.

Shopper teams will activate the brands within categories in the trade setting – inside the supermarkets or any point-of-sale. The aim is to capture shopper experiences, which should translate into short-term return on investment as well as long term loyalty.

Your new department is called Shopper Marketing, meaning you’re now more focused on the shopper rather than the consumer. How can you influence shoppers to buy products at the shelf?

Studies have shown that 70 percent of purchase decisions are made at the shelf and mostly occur within the first three to seven seconds of a shopper encountering the product, which P&G called the ‘first moment of truth’ (FMOT). It’s during this time that marketers have the capability of turning a browser into a buyer. So, the more we understand the shopper, the better we can secure a big part of that 70 percent.

So what is the benefit of such an activation element? Have you done an evaluation on it?

We have a nice example of visibility and communication that really captures the few seconds that the shopper spends at the shelf. In the refuse bags sub-category, the shelf was a mess. A survey revealed that shoppers didn’t know or understand what they should buy. So we created a ‘Supershelf’ that makes it easier for shoppers to navigate the shelf and make on-the-spot decisions.

We tackled the most important attribute of the shelf: what segment to buy? Our ‘Supershelf’ allowed us to differentiate between tie and garbage bags through a very organised and informative shelf communication that indicates each SKU type, size and packaging, and between trash and garbage bags, using special dispensers. We achieved a sell-out growth of 15 percent in Q1 this year by giving the Sanita logo a higher impact on the shop display.

One of your principles for the next three years is ‘Achieving More with Less’. Why and how should Napco National focus on this idea?

Throughout the company’s years of operation, we have expanded our profiles extensively. Today, we have over 20 product lines in the disposable category. Under each product line, there was a high demand to develop more SKUs within the existing lines. This resulted in an increase in the number of SKUs in our portfolio.

For us to beat the competition in the most efficient way, applying the theory of ‘achieving more with less’ proved a must to give shoppers a rationalised portfolio that covers all of their needs. Consequently, we implemented the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule), which gives the vital fast-moving products priority, more shelf share as well as a richer shopping experience.

How are an evolving FMCG sales environment and changing shopping habits impacting the business and what is Napco National doing to adapt?

Over the past five to 10 years, the FMCG sales environment has shifted significantly, resulting in a variety of barriers for brands to work around. Shelf spaces have been reduced and price has become king.

To adapt to these drastic changes, and to minimise the impact on our business, we have been tirelessly looking into providing the most efficient value-for-money deals, while maintaining brand equity and value. We are ensuring that our efforts connect with the benefits of the retailer. Growing both our businesses simultaneously is a winning formula, while staying shopper-centric.